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Free Engraving!

One line engravings (up to 3 per purchase/shipment) are free of charge.  Please type the engraving as you want it to appear on the Bible in the text box under the title "Name" on the product page just before you check out. See below under "Pricing and Purchase" for more details.

All three of our stores offer engraving services for most leather bound and some hard cover Bibles and books. We are glad to offer an engraving discount to our online store (4gospel.com) customers only. The first three one line engravings are free. See the terms under the "Specific Terms" heading at the bottom of the page for more information.

Specific Terms

Pricing and Purchase
*Most names including first, middle, and last can fit in one line of text. There is no limit on characters, just on space. Those who wish to have more than one line of text can purchase it for an additional $2.00 per line. For example:
Glen and Brenda Miller - 1st line (Free)
June 14th, 2007 - 2nd line (+$2.00)

*Please type the engraving as you want it to appear on the Bible in the text box under the title "Name" on the product page just before you check out. Please divide the text into the proper lines. Text inside of parenthesis will not be engraved. Text will be centered on the bottom right hand corner of the Bible.

John Doe (Line 1)
February 3, 1991 (Line 2)
Preach the Word (Line 3)

*For customers requesting more than three Separate engravings a two dollar charge will be added per name per line. Free engraving is only for the first line of each engraving and only for the first 3 engravings. If more than three engravings are requested additional payment may be requested at a later date since our system cannot count how many free engravings have been given. Any text typed in the blank not specified in the "Engraving" menu will be ignored. (In other words, if you only request a "Free One Line Engraving" any text typed in lines 2 and 3 will not be engraved.)

*If you request an engraving, yet you fail to fill out this blank, we will not be held responsible for any Bibles not engraved. We are also not responsible for Bibles improperly engraved due to spelling errors included in this message.

*The actual color of the engraving is limited mostly to gold and silver, and the selection of the color is based upon the gilding (the color visible on the outside edge of the page) of the Bible.

*Most customers requesting engraving will not see any delay in the shipment of their book. 4Gospel.com strives to ship all products out in a timely manner. However, on occasion we have difficulties due to being out of stock, address confirmation difficulties, name confirmation (some engraving customers only), ect. In the event that there is some difficulty regarding the shipment of your product we will do our best to ship it out as soon as possible. Otherwise, all products (including those engraved) should ship out within 24-48 hours* of purchase. However, please plan ahead by giving at least 1-2 weeks for shipping to allow for unknown and uncontrollable circumstances.
*exceptions include holidays, weekends, ect.

*Please note, once the engraving is performed, the imprint is permanent.
Either a full refund or another Bible of the same type can and will be substituted for a faulty engraving per the customers request, provided that there is legitimate damage to the book or Bible. (i.e. employee spelling error, questionable shipping practices, legitimate customer dissatisfaction claims, ect.) We can not be held responsible for names spelled incorrectly in the order comments (see above) field.

*We reserve the right to refuse to engrave some items since the covers of some some books (especially some hardback books) do not take to the engraving process as well. If the customer insists that a book be engraved against our advice, the Returns Policy will be considered void and we will be under no obligation to replace the book or Bible under any circumstances. If you would like a book engraved that does not have the option on the product page, please email us at info@4gospel.com!

*If you have any questions, please contact us at info@4gospel.com or (336) 377-3030.