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The E-Commerce Store for Gullion's Christian Supply Centers

4Gospel.com's parent company is Gullion's Christian Supply Centers, whose main office is located in King, NC.

The Gullion family has been in the Christian bookstore business since the late 1960s, first in the southeastern Kentucky area, where David Gullions three sons were born and raised, and now in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, where the next generation of Gullions are training

Our North Carolina operations began in April of 1992 as an indoor weekend market booth in Winston-Salem. The first full-time shop followed in August of 1993 in a tiny, 250 sq/ft converted motel room in the Old Town section of Winston-Salem, eventually expanding to a 6250 sq/ft store in the Old Town Shopping Center on Reynolda Road.
A second, 2400 sq/ft store was then opened in the Centre Stage at Walkertown, North Carolina in November of 1994, followed by a third, 6500 sq/ft location in Statesville, North Carolina, in April of 1998.

Then in October 2001 the Winston-Salem store was relocated to a 6000 sq/ft facility in the King Shopping Center in King, North Carolina.
A fourth, 2800 sq/ft store was then opened in August of 2003 in the Forrest Oaks Shopping Center in Mt Airy, North Carolina, just minutes from Virginia and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
In August of 2009, our King and Walkertown locations were combined to create a new, 8800 sq/ft shop on University Parkway in Winston-Salem, only a mile from where our first flea market booth opened way back in 1992. Most recently, in August of 2014 we combined the Winston-Salem and Mt Airy stores back to our 6,000 square foot facility in King, NC.

Mission Statement

We seek to be used by God to gracefully provide trustworthy, Bible-based, God-honoring materials to His people, especially those in the Piedmont of North Carolina.


Let it be said at the outset that the standards that shape our business are in place due to our Bible-based understanding that we as God's servants will answer to Him for our handling of His Holy Scriptures, as well as for the influence that we have on our customers and the people that they influence with the materials we distribute.

The Bible
Therefore, Gullion's sells only the old King James Bible, or the Authorized Version, as it is sometimes called. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with our rationale.

We have a preference for books that are based on the King James Bible, and avoid stocking authors that promote today's trends of liberalism and ecumenism. We avoid being unduly influenced by the Christian publishing industry's high-dollar advertising campaigns and prefer literature that has stood the test of time.

Used Books
We buy, sell and trade used books, and have tens of thousands of titles on hand. Please contact us for trade-in policy details.

Our King and Statesville locations carry a wide selection of new and used curriculum and materials to help parents fulfill their responsibility of training their children for God.

This being one of the great battlegrounds in the churchs struggle to remain separated from the world, as well as being the most difficult area in which to draw distinct lines, we work to provide a wide selection of what may be considered the more conservative styles, including sacred, southern gospel, bluegrass/mountain gospel, older-style black gospel, and conservatively-styled inspirational and praise and worship music.

The Scripture teaches us that we are to be good stewards of everything God has entrusted to us, including our bodies. Our health is a gift from Him and it is sadly one of many Christians most abused possessions.

At Gullion's, we encourage Christians to reclaim responsibility for their health. We distribute books, videos, and audios on the subject as well as a variety of whole food supplements, herbs, and juicers.

Church Supplies, Teaching Aids, Gifts, and Greeting Cards
Gullion's carries a wide but distinctive selection of these items, with the King James Bible being used when Scripture is quoted.

Overall, we think you will find that the materials on our shelves match up with those on the shelves of most other Christian Bookstores by only a small percentage.
We offer this distinctiveness to our customers as a part of our desire to honor the Lord in our business. If you are in agreement with our general principles, we unabashedly ask for your support. We will be honored to serve you! ~The Gullions

For more information please Contact us!