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   4Gospel.com's parent company is Gullion's Christian Supply Centers, whose main office is located in Winston-Salem, NC. Gullion's began in April of 1992 as a booth in a flea market here in Winston-Salem. Our first shop, a 250 square foot old converted motel room in North Winston-Salem, was opened in August of 1993 which eventually grew to 6250 square feet.
   We then opened a branch in Walkertown, North Carolina in November of 1995. This store was located in the Centre Stage at Walkertown.
   Next, we opened our third store in a flea market in Statesville, North Carolina, in April of 1998. This location has also progressed to a regular store front shop in the Northwinds Plaza.
   In October 2001 we relocated our Winston-Salem store to King, North Carolina in the King Shopping Center, right off of Route 52 just North of Winston-Salem. This store served as the home office and processing center for all four stores for a number of years until August of 2009, when we again relocated. This time, as a result of the present economy and a desperate need for expansion of the home store, rather than open an entirely new store, we consolidated our Walkertown and King stores into one store just off of University Parkway.
   Our store in Mt. Airy North Carolina, located
just minutes from Virginia and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, opened for business in August of 2003.
   4Gospel.com is an outgrowth of our stores and features some of the more important products we feel we carry in our stores. In an effort to meet the varying needs of those Christians who enjoy our products and distinctiveness, we have started this web-based business to make selecting what you need more convenient. Please be patient as this aspect of our ministry continues to grow.
   We thank God for the opportunities He has given our family to serve Him, and pray that He will continue to do so.

Mission Statement
   We seek to provide Bible-based, God-honoring materials for growth and evangelism to the saints of God and His church, and to do so with as much servanthood and as little compromise as possible by the grace of God.

   Let it be said at the outset that the standards that shape our business are in place due to our Bible-based understanding that we as God's servants will answer to Him for our handling of His Holy Scriptures, as well as for the influence that we have on our customers as well as the people that they influence with the materials we distribute.

The Bible
   Therefore, Gullion's sells only the old King James Bible, or the Authorized Version, as it is sometimes called. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with our rationale.

   We have a preference for books that are based on the King James Bible, and avoid stocking authors that promote today's trends of ecumenism, worldly psychology, and charismatic excesses. We avoid being unduly influenced by the Christian bookstore industry's high-dollar advertising campaigns and prefer literature that has stood the test of time.

   Overall, we believe that you will find the materials on our shelves to match up with those on the shelves of most other Christian Bookstores by only a small percentage.
   We offer this distinctiveness to our customers as a part of our desire to honor the Lord in our business. If you are in agreement with our general principles, we unabashedly ask for your support. We will be honored to serve you! ~The Gullions