Family Harmony at its Very Best CD

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  • Family Harmony at its Very Best CD
  • Family Harmony at its Very Best CD
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46 Songs, 4 Complete Albums, 2 Discs - Celebrating 60 Years of Gospel Music!

Disc 1 

Heart Felt Gospel

1. Jesus is Coming Soon

2. Wade On Out

3. Don't Take My Cross Away

4. I Want to Go There

5. Going Down the Sunset Trail

6. The Lights of Home

7. Live Like Jesus

8. My Heart Can See

9. I'm On My Way

10. Pray for Me

11. Prisoner of Love

12. The Old Account


Disc 1 - A Little Gospel Gold

13. Walkin' A New Road

14. Jesus, Sweetest One of All

15. I'm Headin' Home

16. Your Dearest Friend

17. Let it Fall On Me

18. My Soul Shall Live On

19. I've Found a Hiding Place

20. Your Sins Will Find You Out

21. The City Four Square

22. I'll Be a Friend to Jesus

23. I'm Gonna Tell It

24. Looking Toward Jordan


Disc 2 - Heart and Soul

1. Gethsemane

2. God Will Have His Way

3. Then I Met Jesus

4. One More River to Cross

5. Anyway the Wind Blows

6. Almost Home

7. We Must Give Christ Our All

8. No Ear Hath Heard

9. It Won't Be Long

10. I've Been Born Again

11. If God is Dead, Who's That Living in My Soul

12. He's a Personal Saviour


Disc 2 - Gospel and Guitars

13. Ain't it Good News?

14. Now it's All Over

15. In the Shadow of His Love

16. I Know

17. Mama's Waiting

18. I Thought I Heard Mother Praying

19. This Christ is Mine

20. Rugged Cross on a Hilltop

21. The Lord May Come Today

22. The Night Before Easter


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