1 Peter: The True Grace of God

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A commentary and self-study.

This study guide is not critical, but devotional. It does not deal with questions of authorship, date of writing, etc., which are so adequately covered in many commentaries. It can profitably be used in Bible classes as a guide for individual study and group discussions, as well as in private study by those who desire to work their way methodically through the entire epistle. It has also been designed to give help to those who are interested in only one verse at a time. Each page has the chapter and verse number at the top for ready reference. Preachers and teachers should find the outlines beginning on page 106 helpful.

With fill-in-the-blank questions throughout this study book, teachers and disciplers are sure to find it an invaluable resource!


Copyright 1982, Bruce Lackey, paperback, 115 pages.

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