Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 1

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We often tend to compartmentalize subjects when teaching. However, real life doesn't serve up problems or issues in neat, subject-labeled situations! The Math Lessons for a Living Education curriculum teaches math through a creative life story, showing how math is used in "real life"---just like a living math book! Thirty-six weeks of instruction guide students through the content, story, and hands-on activities using inexpensive manipulatives provided/made by the parent.

This book is written to be used by teachers and students together. It includes a suggested weekly schedule (30 minutes per lesson, 5 days per week, 36 weeks) with easy-to-manage lessons that include reading, worksheets, and assessments. Pages are perforated and three-hole-punched so that parents can easily tear out, hand-out, and store pages. Students will read the pages in the book and complete the corresponding section provided by the teacher. Assessments are given at regular intervals. Answer keys are available online.

This first-grade resource features a story of a twin brother and sister who are visiting their grandparents' farm; as students read, they'll be drawn into an adventure that teaches them about numbers, shapes, place value, adding and subtracting, as well as nature, baby animals, and the love of family. The first 30 lessons have a story about the twins, followed by a lesson taught by Grandpa or Grandma featuring hands-on learning around the farm.

Covering one year of 1st grade math, by the end of the course students will have learned about numbers from 0-100, circles, patterns, counting, addition, days of the week, telling time, simple math concepts, simple fractions, place value, number families, and solving for an unknown.

Grade 1. 350 pages. Perfect Bound with Perforated 3-Hole Punched Pages.

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