10 Days To Division Mastery (Workbook)

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Product Description

Parents and teachers know that rapid automatic recall of math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is essential for a child’s future success in algebra, calculus, and other advanced mathematics. Pair the 10 Days to Division Mastery workbook with the hands-on, self-correcting Division Wrap-Up (sold separately) to make practicing division facts fun for your child. The workbook provides tips, step-by-step instructions, drills, and fun activities to promote the repetition needed for long term memory and gives structure to the Wrap-Up practice. Softcover, 64 pages.


Product Information

Title: 10 Days to Division Mastery Workbook
Format: Paperback
Vendor: Learning Wrap Ups
Publication Date: 2022
Weight: 6 ounces
ISBN: 1592041140
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