91 Cool Math Tricks to Make You Gasp

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This is no ordinary boring math book. Young readers will love this incredible compendium of mind-blowing facts, experiments and fun, interactive activities.

Written by award-winning science writer Anna Claybourne, this inspiring book promotes STEM learning with a twist, and is ideal for children having trouble learning math. Readers can rediscover subjects such as geometry, statistics, and measurement, in a completely new light, learning time-saving tips and tricks for common math problems. Whoever new that math could be this much fun?

-Using math to create uncrackable codes;
-Exploring weird numerical patterns. (Did you know that 11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321?);
-Discovering the secrets of mathematical mind-reading.

This brain-boosting book is presented in a neat format with rounded corners and color illustrations. Featuring a glossary of key terms, it promotes functional problem solving and builds confidence in math.

Perfect for readers aged 8+.

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