A Noble Company, Volume 1

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Biographical Essays on Notable Particular-Regular Baptists in America

Edited by Terry Wolever

Volume One

Volume One of this companion set to the British Particular Baptists is now available, and like that ground-breaking work, seeks for the first time to bring together in collective format the lives of both well-known figures such as John Clarke and Obadiah Holmes and lesser-known but significant persons such as John Cooke (who came over as a boy on the Mayflower) and Thomas Goold, who was three times imprisoned for his Baptist convictions, but went on to establish the first Baptist church in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Drawing on the expertise of a number of writers, many of these informative and interesting essays will represent the first biographies ever attempted on many of these men and women of faith.

Volume One includes essays on the following persons:

Hanserd Knollys (1599?-1691) by Jim Scott Orrick

Obadiah Holmes (c.1607-1682) by C. Ben Mitchell and Mark M. Overstreet

John Cooke (1607-1695) by Terry Wolever

Thomas Goold (1607-1695) by Terry Wolever

John Clarke (1609-1676) by J. Ramsey Michaels

Mark Lucar (1607?-1676) by David J. Terry

Richard Stout ( ? -1705) by Terry Wolever

Penelope Stout ( ? - 1732) by Terry Wolever

Jonathan Stout (c.1660-1723) by Terry Wolever

John Myles (1621?-1684) by Don Moffitt

Pardon Tillinghast (1622?-1718) by Terry Wolever

William Screven (1629-1713) by Terry A. Chrisope

Thomas Dungan (1634-1688) by Robert E. Johnson

Ellis Callender (1641-1726) by James P. Carnes

Elias Keach (1665-1699) by Wade Burleson

Abel Morgan, Sr. (1673-1722) by Gerald L. Priest

James Carman (1676?-1756) by Terry Wolever

Nathaniel Jenkins (1678-1754) by Terry Wolever

Antipedobaptists who impacted the Baptist cause in seventeenth-century America:

The Influence and Legacy of Roger Williams (1603?-1683) by Ronald T. Clutter; Henry Dunster, the Scholarly Dissenter (1609-1659) by J. Ramsey Michaels

This volume also contains seven valuable appendixes relating to these early Baptists forbears, including the first-time publication of a two-page letter by Pardon Tillinghast and Aaron Davis to Obadiah Holmes in 1681, concerning the qualifications for church membership. Hard bound in grade B Navy cloth vellum with gold stamping on the cover and spine. Illustrated and indexed. 500 pages.

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