A Pocket Guide to Amish Life - Mindy Starns Clark

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As Amish fiction continues to appeal to a huge audience, A Pocket Guide to Amish Life gives readers a glimpse into an obscure, fascinating world--what the Amish believe and how they live. Full of fun and fresh facts about the people who abide by this often-misunderstood faith and unique culture, this handy-sized guide by Mindy Starns Clark, author of Shadows of Lancaster County (more than 43,000 copies sold), covers a wide variety of topics, such as:beliefs and valuesclothing and transportationcourtship and marriageshunning and disciplineteens and rumspringachildren and the elderlyeducation and workPresented in an easy-to-follow and engaging style, this pocket guide to the Amish is a great resource for anyone interested in Amish life.

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