Always Face a Panther

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Always Face a Panther, and other stories of earlier days in America.

If you've enjoyed CLE's Reading series, you'll love the selections in this new collection of stories. Compiled by the same author, Always Face a Panther is filled with stories that manage to teach deep life lessons while holding the attention of their young readers.

Let's go visit people who lived long ago - most of them over a hundred years before you were born! Their lives differed from ours in many ways. Imagine running a farm and taking care of your family alone, spending a winter in the north woods trapping animals, or working long hours in a grinding room. Young people today just don't do those kinds of things.

Times have changed since those days, but people remain the same. Young people then knew that obedience, respect, kindness, and hard work were important, just as we do. They faced temptations to do things they knew were wrong, just as we do.

Come along! Open the book - let's go visiting. What do these friends from long ago have to tell us?

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