Autobiography of Isaac McCoy

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This volume includes the previously unpublished autobiography of Isaac McCoy, the first reprint of his Observations in Vindication of the Doctrine of the Final Perseverance of the Saints (1811), and a collection from his unpublished "Hymns and Spiritual Songs" (1812), all of which fall within the years 1784-1816 preceding the calling of the McCoys as missionaries to the Indians. Therefore this volume may be seen as a prequel and companion to our reprint of A History of Baptist Indian Missions (1840) by Isaac McCoy, which covers the period 1817-1840.


We have also included in this volume the second edition of his Remarks on the Practicability of Indian Reform (1829), a very significant work in its day, and his Address to the Philanthropists of the United States (1832). And as a concise overview of the work of the McCoys and their associates, we have reprinted here for the first time W. N. Wyeth's narrative of their labors, first published in 1895. 474 pages, illustrated and indexed.

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