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The Preservation of Scripture and the logic of faith

The title of this book flows from the principle that we must first believe the origin and preservation of God's Word before we can accurately study its contents and application. If God's Word really "is truth" (Jn. 17:17), and if truth is absolute, then such truth must have been unambiguously preserved.

A scholar of the highest caliber, Edward Freer Hills (1912-81) was a distinguished Latin and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale University. He also earned the Th.B. degree from Columbia Theological Seminary. After doing doctoral work at the University of Chicago in New Testament text criticism, he completed his program at Harvard, earning the Th.D. in this field. He is also the author of The King James Version Defended.

What sets Hills apart from many others, however, was that he was the first textual scholar to approach the biblical text from a presupposition of faith instead of doubt. He demonstrates that God preserved His Word through the ages not by the logic of rationalism but rather by the "logic of faith." Hills challenges us to put our faith in the Traditional text which has been in constant use by the visible church throughout its history and through which God had providentially preserved His Word.


Third Edition, copyright 1991 by Marjorie J. Hills, The Christian Research Press, paperback, 258 pages.

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