Classical Acts and Facts History Cards: Modern World

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Used in Classical Conversations: Challenge I, Foundations, Challenge III

Give your students the perfect tool to help them memorize key events and dates in history! These high-quality, laminated, cards contain a comprehensive set of history events from the Modern World. On the front, each card features an event, memory image, date reference, and icon that refers to one of the seven historical ages. On the back, cards feature the event title and full date range, card number for quick sorting, timeline with event pinpointed, map with region pinpointed, and a short description of the event/person.

The Modern World pack includes the Age of Industry, the Age of Information and Globalization, and the U.S. Presidents and covers weeks 19-23 (week 24 for Presidents) in your Classical Conversations community (following the Foundations cycle). Individual cards cover the Civil War, World War II, fall of Communism, globalization, the Space Race, and more.

42 laminated 5" x 8" cards.

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