Deacons and Their Wives

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"Thank you Brother LaVinka! This is a much-needed book in Bible believing churches today. I have been involved in the ministry for 50 years and have seen far too many churches that have deacons who do not have a clue concerning what their ministry is to be. One church where I was the Director of Christian Education brought men on as deacons because they were successful in business. However, they were far from biblically qualified. In another church, they functioned as a board of directors, trying to give their Pastor instructions as to how I was to do things. One of the men told the Pastor, "I control the money in this church and if you think differently I will do a Mexican Hat Dance on your head!"

If only I would have had Brother Leo's book Deacons and Their Wives back then it would have made the task much easier. He does a Yeoman's job of defining and explaining the work and ministry of Deacons. The book is saturated with Scripture!

I plan on purchasing copies for all my Deacons and plan to make it a part of our devotionals at the beginning of each Deacons meeting. I urge every Pastor, every Deacon, every Deacon's wife, and every man who aspires to be a Deacon to get this book and read it." -Pastor David L. Brown


Copyright 2021, Old Paths Publications, paperback, 86 pages.

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