From the Pit to the Pulpit

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This book is a short biograph of Dr. Humberto Gómez Caballero, native of Monterrey Nuevo León, México.

He was barely eight years old when his father died, and he, along with six siblings, became an orphan. He had a very sad and difficult childhood, and grew up in deep poverty. Trying to run away from it, he sank into alcohol; his poverty became not only economic, but also physical, moral, and spiritual.

At the age of nineteen he was tired of life and looking for a way out. But in his darkest moment, on October 4, 1971, a man came with a Bible in his hand and preached to him the gospel of Christ. He believed and his life was transformed. Six months later God called him to preach, which he has been doing since 1972.


Copyright 2020, Humberto Gómez, paperback booklet, 52 pages.

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