Joshua: The Conquest of Canaan

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Joshua had at least three purposes for writing about Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land:To document God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His covenant to give the Land of Canaan to His people.To encourage the Israelites to obey God by completing the conquest after his death.To vividly demonstrate God’s holy and righteous character.From our perspective as New Testament believers, the book of Joshua provides insights into obtaining and enjoying our spiritual inheritance in Christ. Just as the conquering Israelites needed excellent leadership, careful preparation, strict obedience, and focused commitment, so Christians also need these qualities today.Like the Israelites, we face spiritual battles that may be either won or lost. By following Christ, our Leader, we will both please God and know the contentment, peace, and joy that God has for us. 

In his orderly and instructive style, Ken Fleming has blended Joshua’s account of this remarkable period in Israel’s history with practical challenges, encouragements, and warnings needed for us today.

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