Letters and Sketches from the New Hebrides

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The story of Dr. John Gibson Paton (1824-1907), Scottish Presbyterian missionary to the South Pacific, is well-known. Paton settled on the island of Aniwa (1866-1881) with his second wife, Margaret (Maggie) Whitecross Paton. By the end of the Patons’ tenure, most of the Aniwan natives were professing Christianity.

Paton’s brother James edited his autobiography. James also obtained permission from Maggie Paton to publish the letters contained in this volume that pieces together the moving history of the Patons’ labors over a twenty-five years span (1865-1889)

The letters in this book throb with heartfelt convictions. They provide remarkably realist insights into life on the mission field from the perspective of a God-fearing missionary’s wife who was willing to follow her husband’s call in adverse and life-threatening circumstances.

This book will move you; at times you will weep, at other times, smile. You will be stirred by the challenge of working in an isolated mission situation with only rare connection to the outside world.


Reformation Heritage Books & Sprinkle Publications, hardback, 382 pages.

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