Life Of Luther

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Martin Luther is one of early Christianity's most pivotal figures, and now in this detailed biography reproduced from an 1850 American Sunday School Union original, you can learn more about this influential and enigmatic man. From his early years, to his religious education, to the events leading up to the Protestant Reformation, you will discover the views and experiences that led to his excommunication by the Pope in 1520. The book recounts detailed correspondence and accounts that shed further light on Luther's dispute with the Catholic Church over indulgences being purchased to avoid punishment from sin and why he chose to defiantly translate the Bible from Latin to the language of the common man so they could read the biblical truth for themselves. Life of Luther includes: More about Luther as an advocate for education His preaching, as well as his love of music and scholarship The turbulent and difficult years of the early Reformation Extracts from letters, comments on his marriage, and domestic life The book is a comprehensive presentation of Martin Luther's life and contributions to the faith that impact our lives even today. Often controversial, sometimes visionary, and defiantly confident of his actions, the Life of Luther is a fascinating and important historical account you won't want to miss!
SKU (ISBN): 9780890515990
Author: Sears, Barnas
Binding: Cloth Text
Publisher: Attic Books
Published: 10/10
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