More Sacred Songs from Hay Holler (2000) CD

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  • More Sacred Songs from Hay Holler (2000) CD
  • More Sacred Songs from Hay Holler (2000) CD
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(Used: CD is in good condition; case has a small scratch on the back.)


"Hay Holler has always considered gospel songs as essential element of bluegrass music. In 1995, we released our first compilation album, HHH-204, "Sacred Songs From Hay Holler," with selections from albums released during the first five years of our existence. This album celebrates our 10th Anniversary with selections from releases of The Bluegrass Band, Gillis Brothers, Goins Brothers, Big Country Bluegrass, Lilly Brothers & Don Stover, 5 For The Gospel, Gibson Brothers, Piney Creek Weasels, The Travelers and Lost Highway."


Songs Included:

1. On Chariots of Fire

2. Little Black Train

3. I'll Meet You in the Morning

4. Dark Times of the Night

5. One More Time (I Must Rise)

6. He Said If You Love Me (Feed My Sheep)

7. What Will the Coming of the Lord Mean to You

8. When Our Lord Shall Come Again

9. Run Satan, Run

10. Shake My Mother's Hand for Me

11. Show Me the Way

12. I'll Live Again

13. Hallelujah to the Lamb

14. Dark Road of Sin

15. Stormy Waters

16. He Gave His Life

17. When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels

18. Climb Up, Ye Little Children

19. Forever in Glory

20. River of Death

21. Heaven We'll Call Home

22. Lord, Send Down the Fire

23. The Promise


Hay Holler Records, copyright 2000.

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