Multiplication Songs (CD & Book Kit)

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Children learn their multiplication tables the easy way:

1. They just listen (in the car, before bed, during chores, etc.).

2. With little or no help from parent/teacher they learn to say and point to the facts in time with the music.

3. They learn to sing along while they point to 2 x 2 = 4, etc.

4. They take the audio test and say the answer while looking at it.

5. They take the audio test and say the answer without looking at it.

6. They write the answers on the reproducible song pages.

7. They advance to the next song.

8. They write the correct answers on the review pages.


This learning process can be started with age 7 and continued as long as needed. Normally, an average child can learn one table each day. Children naturally follow the process and move forward when they are ready. Replay the tape for periodic review.

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