Our Priceless Heritage, by H. M. Woods [1941]

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  • Our Priceless Heritage, by H. M. Woods [1941]
  • Our Priceless Heritage, by H. M. Woods [1941]
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This 1941, second edition copy of Dr. Henry Woods' book entitled "Our Priceless Heritage" is a must have for the student of Christian doctrine.

This particular copy has been laid out especially for schools and colleges, as indicated on the cover. This book contrasts the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church with that of the true Christian church. The author points to the great enemies of the Christian faith not coming from without, but from within the church....

...."The more skillful the counterfeit, the more dangerous it is!"

Used - Good Condition. Previous owner's name in the front cover, and a marked out library entry near the middle of the book. Hence, the book is likely from a college library. Other than those two or three, there are no writings or markings anywhere else in the book. This is a 1941, second edition copy.

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