Robert E. Lee: A Biography

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  • Robert E. Lee: A Biography
  • Robert E. Lee: A Biography
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This book is a biography of one of America' greatest heroes. After distinguishing himself repeatedly in the Mexican War, he went on to serve as Superintendent of West Point, from where he had previously graduated at the head of his class. When the country became divided, he turned down the command of the Northern Army, because he could not bring himself to invade neighboring states to force them to remain in a voluntary Union they no longer wanted to be a part of. He then took up arms in defense of his home state of Virginia, and as General of the Army of Northern Virginia he fought off an overwhelming army for over three years. When the South was finally overwhelmed, he did all in his power, to help the South recover. After the war he became the president of Washington & Lee College in Lexington, Virginia, where he is buried.

This biography, written by Mary Lynn Williamson, and originally published in 1898, tells the story in an engaging way that will appeal to young readers, as well as many adults.

Paperback, 160 pages

2003 reprint, from Larry Harrison's Christian Book Gallery

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