The Church: The Doctrine of the Church

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  • The Church: The Doctrine of the Church
  • The Church: The Doctrine of the Church
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Dr. Sightler was a prince of preachers, with a resonant voice in a deep southern accent pronouncing unflinching, uncompromising truths and at the same time presenting God's grace with eloquent pathos. He was a courageous, devoted servant of Christ, an unrelenting advocate for the King James Bible and independent Baptist fundamentalism.

This edition contains his book "The Church: The Doctrine of the Church, with several other sermons on related topics, formerly available as pamphlets, added as appendices.

The book was originally published in 1983, and is based on an eight sermon series that Dr. Sightler preached at the Tabernacle Baptist Church, of Greenville in 1979.

Sermons/Chapters include: The Church a Body, The Church an Organism, The Church an Agency, The Church a House, The Church a Family, The Church the Bride, The Church an Army, The Church, It's Marks.

Appendices include: The Phenomena of the Independent Baptist Movement, Baptists In History, Why Baptists are not Protestant, and The Seven Parables of Matthew 13.

Paperback, 286 pages

Published by The Bright Spot Hour, copyright 1983, revised edition 2004

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