The Fallacy Detective: Workbook Edition

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This workbook edition of The Fallacy Detective now includes spaces for readers to write in their answers to the exercises!

Written for ages 12 through adult, readers will learn to recognize the fallacies they see every day, including the Red Herring, Ad Hominem attacks, the Straw Man, loaded questions, equivocation, circular reasoning, either-or, generalizations, analogies, propaganda, special pleading, slippery slope fallacies, and more.

Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts, and original cartoons illustrate many of the fallacies perfectly, and each chapter contains plenty of examples that make each fallacy easy to understand. Exercises and "The Fallacy Detective Game" provide fun ways to really remember what you've learned!

262 pages, softcover. Line-listed answer key included at the back of the book. 2015 Edition. Consumable and non-reproducible.

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