Things Hard To Be Understood

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  • Things Hard To Be Understood
  • Things Hard To Be Understood
  • Things Hard To Be Understood
  • Things Hard To Be Understood
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This is the fourth edition of Things Hard To Be Understood: A Handbook of Biblical Difficulties. The new edition is 85 pages longer than the third and contains about 70 new entries. This very practical volume deals with a variety of biblical difficulties. Find the answer to the seeming contradictions in the Bible. Meet the challenge of false teachers who miuse biblical passages to prove their doctrine. Find out the meaning of difficult passages that are sometimes overlooked in the Bible commentaries. Be confirmed in your confidence in the inerrancy and perfection of the Scriptures. Learn the meaning of difficult expressions such as "the unpardonable sin." One unique feature of this volume is that it contains no criticism of the King James Bible. Dr. Cloud doesn't believe that it has any errors and he does not believe that any correction of it is neccessary to solve the alleged contradictions and other difficulties.

Published by Way of Life Literature, Copyright 1996, 6th edition, February 2014.

Paperback, 437 pages

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