Treasures From Jude, by Dr. Rod Mattoon [Hardcover]

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The book of Jude is one of the least known books in the Bible, yet the truths found in this little epistle are dynamite. The original purpose of this letter was to talk about the blessings of salvation, but then Jude changed directions and it became a call to battle. Jude beckoned believers to earnestly contend for the faith. The book talks about how and why we are to do this.


This hardcover commentary from Dr. Rod Mattoon, the pastor of Lincoln Land Baptist Church, in Springfield, Illinois, is the 78th volume in his Treasures from Scripture series.

332 pages. Published September 2020, by Lincoln Land Baptist Church.

It contains 18 chapters listed below:

  1. The Servant (1:1a)
  2. The Sanctified (1:1b)
  3. The Secure (1:1c)
  4. The Summoned (1:1d)
  5. The Sympathy of Mercy (1:2a)
  6. The Serenity of Peace (1:2b)
  7. The Sweetness of Love (1:2c)
  8. The Striving about Salvation (1:3a)
  9. The Struggle (1:3b)
  10. Sneaky, Sinister Scoundrels (1:4)
  11. The Stir to Remember God's Judgement (1:5-6)
  12. Sodom and Gomorrah (1:7)
  13. The Sketch of Scoundrel Apostates (1:8-10)
  14. Swift Stubbornness & the Sorrow of Apostates (1:11)
  15. A Scathing Rebuke of Heretical Renegades (1:12-13)
  16. The Second Coming & Serious Judgement (1:14-15)
  17. Strength for Surviving Stressful Battles (1:17-23)
  18. The Superiority of God (1:24-25)

It also includes:

  • Subject and Illustration Index
  • Treasures from Scripture List of Books
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