True Stories of Nebraska Pioneers (Various)

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Originally published in 1916, this Book of Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences was issued by the Daughters of the American Revolution of Nebraska, and dedicated to the daring, courageous, and intrepid men and women—the advance guard of our progress—who, carrying the torch of civilization, had a vision of the possibilities which now have become realities.

To those who answered the call of the unknown we owe the duty of preserving the record of their adventures upon the vast prairies of ‘Nebraska the Mother of States. ‘Reminiscence, recollection, personal experience—simple, true stories—this is the foundation of History. Rapidly the pioneer story-tellers are passing beyond recall, and the real story of the beginning of our great commonwealth must be told now. The memories of those pioneers, of their deeds of self-sacrifice and devotion, of their ideals which are our inheritance, will inculcate patriotism in the children of the future; for they should realize the courage that subdued the wilderness. And “lest we forget,” the heritage of this past is a sacred trust to the Daughters of the American Revolution of Nebraska.”

True Stories of Nebraska Pioneers is a book of selections from Collection of Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences, updated with photographs, biographies, and obituaries of many of the pioneers, and published by Knowledge Keepers. It is their desire to put as many printed copies of our original history as possible into American homes for the preservation of the stories of our ancestors.

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