Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

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  • Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution
  • Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution
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8.5 X 11 inches

112 pages describing the vital contribution of the Christian religion to the American War for Independence, with special emphasis on the Christian ministers and chaplains who were a vital part of that struggle. — Famous and obscure personalities are biographically portrayed in this record of brave, pious and courageous patriots who believed that "righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 13:34). — The author states that, "...In every department of the Revolution, the influence of the clergy was felt. In the provincial legislatures, in the general Congress originating and upholding important measures—in the remote parishes rousing the people to arms—in the tented field by example and precept teaching the troops heroism, self-denial and morality—in the wilderness among the savage tribes—everywhere where wisdom and knowledge were required, soldiers wanted and work was to be done, they were found performing not a subordinate but a leading part. One cannot look anywhere over the thirteen States during that struggle or along their bleeding frontiers without seeing the clergy standing as bulwarks of freedom or toiling single handed for its success. Turn which way we will we are made to feel that a history of American Independence that leaves the clergy out, or only mentions them incidentally, is not only false in fact, but what is still worse, false in one of the great lessons God designed our early history should teach." 

Original Printing 1864.

Reprinted July 2008, by Christian Book Gallery

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