Danny Orlis and the Rocks That Talk

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Danny Orlis is off to Colorado to investigate a mystery for his father. It seems that a troublemaker from the past is interested in property belonging to Ron and Roxie, the twins adopted by the Orlis family. Previously, the area was reported to be a wasteland, but recently someone has been exploring it and trying to gain access. There are plans for a highway to be built nearby; perhaps that is the reason for the sudden interest in the land. Danny wonders if maybe there is something valuable on the property itself!

Danny is joined by his cousin and a new friend, and together they try to find out why the land is suddenly important. Their discovery puts the boys in danger but also brings them opportunities to witness for Christ. When faulty directions, hired henchmen, and a cantankerous old prospector all work against them, Danny and his friends must depend upon the Lord to lead them out of danger and toward the truth.


Sword of the Lord, paperback, 144 pages.

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