Hand Of Vengeance

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All men die. What could be so strange about finding human remains beneath the sod? Not finding such bones would be the strange thing. Men daily trod unknowingly upon sod inhabited by generations of their predecessors. Frowning in thought, and as he made to climb out of the root-hole grave, Cynwulf turned his eyes for a final look at the skeleton. Ought he to re-inter it? He stood pondering the question. That's when he noticed it. Whether by the shifting angle of the sun, or his varied position, he now saw an old protrusion slanting upward from the rib cage near the left clavicle. Cynwulf was familiar with human anatomy: flesh and muscles, bones and sinews. He had experience of such things. And here he saw something that was not part of human anatomy. Again he sank to his knees by the remains, clearing still more earth away from the rib cage and shoulder bone. His heart quickened for the second time that morning. Slowly, he wrapped his fingers around the protrusion that jutted from the left side of the rib cage, the side in which the man's heart once beat. Drawing it out with care, he held in his hands the pitted remains of a Roman short sword.
SKU (ISBN): 9781596382152
Author: Bond, Douglas
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: P & R Publishing
Published: 07/12
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