Hymnplayer: Beginning Level

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Praise Hymn, Inc. has released a beginning piano collection written and arranged by Flora Jean Garlock and Judy Swaim. The collection features musical selections and improvisational concepts such as:

  • Interval of a 2nd, Duet
  • Interval of a 3rd, Dynamics
  • Interval of a 4th
  • 8va, Harmony
  • Interval of a 5th, Staccato, Introduction
  • Sharps, Ritard
  • Flats, Hymn Names, Duet
  • One-Note Accompaniment
  • Amen
  • Special Ending
  • Transposition C to D, First and Second Endings, Duet
  • Special Ending, Duet
  • One-Note Accompaniment, Natural, D.C. al Fine, Dynamics
  • Accents, Dynamics
  • Two-Note Accompaniment in C
  • Major, Minor, Composer Story, Duet
  • Two-Note Accompaniment in F, Dynamics
  • Damper Pedal, Chimes Effect, Duet
  • Ritard, A Tempo
  • Transposition C to G, Special Ending
  • Transposition C to F, Christmas Duet
  • Transposition Up a 2nd, Two-Note Accompaniment in G
  • Christmas Duet or Trio
  • Chromatic Harmony
  • Chromatic Fingering, Tempo Markings
  • Accidentals in Harmony
  • Three-Note Accompaniment in C, Easter Song
  • Three-Note Chord Arrangement in the Left and Right Hand
  • Christmas Song, Three-Note Accompaniment in G
  • Interval of the 6th, Three-Note Accompaniment in G Right Hand
  • Christmas Song, Minor Key, Crescendo and Descrendo
  • Transposing, Modulation
  • Intervals Used as Left-Hand Accompaniment
  • Duet in the Key of G
  • Accompaniment Using Intervals of the 2nd Through the Octave
  • Marching Bass
  • Three-Note Accompaniment in the Key of F
  • Common Tone Modulation
  • 6/8 Meter in the Key of D
  • Three-Note Accompaniment in the Key of D
  • Three-Note Accompaniment in the Key of Bb in 6/8
  • Duet

Musical Selections: Faith of Our Fathers • Christ Was Born on Christmas Day  • Numbers Song  • Jesus Bids Us Shine • Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam Who Did? • Jesus, Tender Shepherd • Jesus Shall Reign • I Am S-A-V-E-D • Holy, Holy, Holy • Birds Upon the Tree Tops • God Is So Good • Praise Him Little Children  • I'm in the Lord's Army  • Jesus Loves the Little Children • Jesus Lover of My Soul  • Amazing Grace  • Animal Song • When They Ring The Golden Bells  • Holy Bible  • Is My Name Written There? • Gospel Bells  • Zacchaeus  • Away in a Manger • Sweet By and By • Joy to the World • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross • Can a Little Child Like Me?  • Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us  • Jesus Rose Up From the Grave • This Little Light • Hallelujah! • Sound the Trumpet • Bring Them In • Cradle Song • I'm on the Rock • Gentle Jesus • The Banner of the Cross • The Lord's My Shepherd • One Door and Only One  • All the Children Ought to Know  • On Sunday I Am Happy  • Jesus Is Calling  • Running Over • Take Time to Be Holy • Wonderful Story of Love • Away Far Over Jordan • Jesus Love Me 

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