Hymnplayer: Intermediate Level

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Praise Hymn, Inc. has released an intermediate piano collection written and arranged by Flora Jean Garlock and Judy Swaim. The collection features music selections and improvisational concepts such as:

  • Glossary of Hymn Accompaniment and Chord Patterns
  • Left Hand Melody
  • Key of C, Octave-Chord Accompaniment Pattern, Right Hand Triads
  • Key of F, Phrase of Song Used for Introduction and Ending
  • Key of F
  • Key of F, Student Arrangement
  • Chimes Effect
  • Broken Chord Accompaniment Pattern
  • Key of G, Variation of Octave-Chord Accompaniment Pattern, Introductions
  • Key of Bb, Extending Sustained Notes, Transposition, Introductions
  • Accompaniment Pattern Built on the 1st, 4th, and 5th
  • Pentatonic Scale, Use of Altered Rhythm for Introduction and Ending
  • Horn 5ths, 2 Against 3 Rhythmic Pattern
  • Key of D
  • Medley, Hymn Tune Names, Related Hymn as Introduction and Ending
  • Key of Eb, Use of the Bass as a Harmony Line
  • Cascade Effect
  • Extending Endings, Introductory Motif Use Throughout
  • Composer Story, Broken Octave Bass Accompaniment
  • Key of A, I7 Chord, Doubling the 3rd of a Chord, Review of Keys
  • Rolled Chord
  • Key of Ab
  • Relative Minor
  • Transposing to the Parallel Minor
  • Hymn Arrangement in the Style of Mendelssohn, Use of Major/Minor
  • The Same Text to Two Different Hymn Tunes
  • Hymn Arrangement in the Style of Debussy
  • Variation on the Broken Chord Accompaniment
  • Christmas Duet
  • Motif Used as Introduction and Ending
  • Demonstrates the Use of the II7 Chord
  • Key of E, Use of the 7th in the Bass Line
  • Suspensions, Sequencing, Easter
  • Introductory Melody Used to Set the Mood of the Hymn
  • Use of Motif for Introduction, Modulation and Ending

Musical Selections: Safe in the Arms of Jesus • At Calvary • When He Cometh •  Blest Be the Tie That Binds • Faith Is the Victory • All Hail the Power • Away in a Manger • Revive Us Again •  Showers of Blessing • We've a Story to Tell • Amazing Grace • Jesus, Savior Pilot Me • He Hideth My Soul • Thanksgiving Medley • I Know Whom I Have Believed •  Jesus Paid It All • Let Us Break Bread Together • O Worship the King • Blessed Be the Name • Rise Now, Oh Shepherds • Faith of Our Fathers • Work for the Night Is Coming • The Solid Rock • Majestic Sweetness • O for a Thousand Tongues • My Jesus, I Love Thee • Praise Him! Praise Him! • Good Christian Men, Rejoice! • Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior • Holy, Holy, Holy • O Jesus, Thou Art Standing • Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today • I Need Thee Every Hour • The Cleansing Wave

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