Praises 3 CD

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Dozens of favorites are available on compact disc and the unique split trax format makes it fun for children to sing along.

Songs Included:

1. The Things I Used to Do

2. Faithful in Little Things

3. Our God Is Able

4. Put on Your Running Shoes

5. You Can Count on Me

6. Something to Give

7. Stokin' Up the Fire

8. Extra Baggage

9. Thank You, Lord

10. Don't Seek for Revenge

11. Shoot the Gospel Gun

12. Guard My Heart

13. Trusty Sword

14. One Hundred Percent

15. If You're Gonna Make a Diff'rence

16. Richer Than a King

17. Giant Killer

18. Upside Down

19. All That I Need

20. Lend a Hand

21. Turn Them Into Friends

22. Mean Ole Mister Devil

23. You Reap What You Sow

24. The Frog Song

25. Clean It Up

26. It's All My Fault

27. Gossip

28. Only My Best Will Do

29. The Boomerang Song

30. God Sees the Heart

31. I'm Workin' Out

32. Walk With the Wise

33. I'm Goin' to Camp

34. The Tongue Is So Small

35. Happiness Came Looking for Me

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