Praises 4 CD

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A new collection of 38 Patch songs, in the same split-trax format as the previous three, children can sing along with the choir or with just the music.

Songs Included:

1. Sailing, Sailing

2. Readers Are Leaders

3. Be Strong in the Lord

4. I'm Gonna Sing

5. It's in the Book

6. Around the Corner, Around the World

7. Lean a, Lean a, Lean

8. Come On, Join the Team

9. Fire Up

10. Just Let Me Serve You

11. Follow the Map

12. He's Building Me a Mansion

13. Forked Tongue

14. Ask, Seek, Knock

15. The Quartet That Raised the Roof

16. Not Gonna Quit

17. My God Is a Rock

18. Look on the Sunny Side

19. Trust His Word

20. Shine

21. Stepping Out by Faith

22. God Has Provided the Lamb

23. I'm Goin' For the Gold

24. I Pray to the Lord

25. I Sing a New Song

26. Cast Your Net on the Other Side

27. Thank You

28. I Love to Go to Sunday School

29. Zip Your Lip

30. I'm Gonna Walk

31. Happy Born Again Birthday

32. Drinkin' From the River

33. My God Is So Big

34. The Bible Way

35. Whatever

36. The Bible Stands

37. Ride On

38. Keep Following the Savior

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